Red Label Whisky Price In Goa [2023 Updated List]

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Today, we’ll take a look at the “Red Label Whisky Price In Goa”. This in-depth guide will also let you know about:

The volumetric (50ml, 200ml, 375ml, and 750ml Price of Red Label Whisky) cost of Red Label Whisky.

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Red Label Whisky Price

Brand + VolumeRate
Cost of (50ml) Red Label Whisky140₹
Cost of (200ml) Red Label Whisky500₹
Cost of (375ml) Red Label Whisky950₹
Cost of (750ml) Red Label Whisky1800₹

Summarized Review regarding the Johnnie Walker Blends

Red label, Black label, Double Black Label, Green Label, Gold Label, Aged 18 Years, Blue label, and Johnnie Walker Swing are some of the blends offered by Johnnie Walker brand, which is a Scottish whisky brand.

When it comes to marketing strategies, Johnny Walker perfectly markets their products; we can also say that they opt for unique marketing strategies to increase brand awareness.

In this marketing journey, they collaborated with HBO and Bartle Bogle Hegarty’s advertising agency and skyrocketed their sales figures.

Johnny walker brand received a lot of gold medals or other awards at different International whisky competitions.

Most people enjoyed and still enjoying this whisky by taking it on the rocks or mixing it with other soda drinks. Red label earned a lot of names in the 19th century and was considered the best whisky among all whisky brands at that time. As time passed on with the introduction of other blends from the Johnnie Walker brand, this whisky started losing the same love it received in the 19th century. But still, the Johnnie walker red label is the most likely brand among people due to its pocket-friendliness.

The red label is bliss for Scotch whisky lovers due to its smoothness and imbibed taste.

You can also take it on the rocks or mix it with other soda drinks due to its sweetness, which will dilute the whisky to some extent and reduce the level of sweetness (Recommended for those who don’t like sweet that enough).

Most people prefer this over other Johnnie walker brands not because this is in a reasonable range but because of the ever-rememberable taste and aroma, which set this whisky apart from other brands.

The words aren’t enough to explain the taste of this particular whisky; take it and taste it; it’s worth it.

Although it’s a bit pricy, but the eye-catchy packaging and the mind-blowing taste and aroma enlist this a worthful blended Scotch whisky.

Taking it on the rocks will be a good choice as it will slightly diminish the hardness and increase the smoothness. One can never identify this as an Alcoholic beverage if it tastes unknowingly.

Blue label is also named as out of a range whisky.

Ah Just Kidding.

Blue label is considered the most expensive scotch whisky in the market.

Blue Label is also awarded Gold Medal because of its ever-rememberable taste and unforgettable aroma, and it is considered the best-blended whisky all over the globe.

Upon tasting, you’ll find it very smooth and refined whisky with a sweet aroma.

Blue label is also renowned due to its beautiful eye catchy packaging, which creates a long-lasting impression on the viewer. One can easily declare this as an expensive whisky just through the packaging.

It retains the dark undertones and richness right after the blend of 16 Scotch Highland whiskies.

The prime reason behind the blending is to recreate the taste of the earliest whisky blends created in the nineteenth century.

The production or manufacturing of this whisky is usually done in three steps.

Green label undergoes a malting, drying, and fermentation process and is the only pure malt blended whisky brand all over the globe.

Fifteen years maturation period is the prime cause behind being pricy.

After introducing many blends from the Johnnie Walker brand, they need to have old enough/aged material to blend with. Asians associate the quality of a whisky with the age factor, which was the prime reason behind the increasing demand for aged whisky; on the other hand, there was no age statement in the US and European countries.

Johnnie Walker decided to diminish the Old 18 Years Gold Label. He Introduced Gold Label Reserve with No Age Statement, which was quite appealing due to its smooth, silky taste and beautiful aroma, and it blended from stock that’s roughly 15 years old. So that’s how they manage the demand and supply, and that’s how Gold Label Reserve is Introduced in the market.

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