Top 10 Most Selling Whisky in India (The Investigative Guide)

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After an in-depth analysis, we come up with the list of top 10 most selling whisky in India. So, let’s get started without further ado.

In India, whisky is a widely utilized alcohol. There are different reasonable choices as well as costly scotch whisky brands available.

On the off chance that you’re looking for a fine whisky, go no further.

Whether you favor a malt or a blended whisky, India probably has the best brands to look over. With a wide assortment of styles and flavors, there is something for everybody concerning Indian whisky.

An ordered run-down of some of the best and most premium whisky brands in India to help on the chase of finding the ideal choice are:

  1. Dark Canine Hold.
  2. Ballantine’s 12.
  3. Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7.
  4. Amrut fusion Single Malt Bourbon.
  5. Johnnie Walker Red Label
  6. Chivas Superb 12 years.
  7. The Glenlivet.
  8. Dalmore 12

You’re bound to enjoy the flavors of these top ten whisky brands!

Royal Stag

The most well-known whisky in India is called Illustrious Stag, and it has a dedicated following. The 1995-delivered Regal Stag is a mash-up of imported Scotch malts and Indian grain spirits.

It was the first organization to lay out a brand in quite a while without fake flavors. This gave it an unmistakable customer base and assisted it in manufacturing a pristine course in the business.

The organization has a sizeable following via web-based entertainment sites too. Famous for its ads, which utilize story strategies to provoke viewers’ curiosity. In its promotions, awesome characters consider their encounters while rousing watchers to “become wildly successful” throughout everyday life.

Amrut Fusion

A single malt whisky called Amrut Combination is created utilizing Indian and Scottish grain. This outcome mixes the two countries and is a truly fascinating measure!

In India, this whisky is very popular. It has gotten a few distinctions, and its acknowledgment is rising.

It has a magnificent fruity flavor profile and is a little prated. Besides, there is a significant sherry flavor.

The flavors are truly perplexing. Grain, oak, vanilla, sherry, and organic products are combined.

The completion is very extended, and the flavors are extraordinarily profound. It’s a gentle cigarette. You should take as much time as is needed with it in light of how muddled it is.

Paul John

Quite possibly, the most popular single malt in India is Paul John. The business John Refineries presented it in 2012 in London, UK.

It is delivered in the refinery’s Goa area, utilizing Indian 6-line malted grain and imported Islay and Aberdeen peat. It is refined in copper pot stills and matured in American oak barrels.

Because of Goa’s tropical climate, the whisky develops rapidly and may have more complicated flavor blends. The finished result is a rich, full-bodied whisky with unmistakable leafy foods flavors.

Imperial Blue

Magnificent Blue, a perfect combination of worldwide scotch malts and Indian grain spirits, is commended for its unprecedented perfection by whisky lovers all around the globe. With yearly deals of more than 20 million cases, it is the top whisky brand for Pernod Ricard India and the best volume brand in the Groupe Pernod Ricard.

In 1997, Magnificent Blue was presented. It targets male clients between the ages of 25 and 35.

By depicting awesome people who think about their way and question, “Have I made it huge?” the brand desires to communicate, becoming wildly successful.

These commercials, a piece of the “Men Can’t avoid being Men” crusade, have raised memorability among Indian guys. The commercials should be adjusted to create interest since they don’t interface with the brand.

Radico Khaitan or Rampur

Rampur, made in the Himalayan lower regions is a non-chill filtered single malt whisky. It is a popular choice for people wishing to buy whisky in India, especially given its unmistakable flavor.

It smells magnificent, similar to toffee, organic products, honey, and flavors. The sense of taste additionally observes it to be very delicate and sleek.
This Rampuri expression is one of the most notable and is certainly worth the difficulty!

This twofold container articulation matured in European oak sherry barrels and American whiskey barrels. The Rampur has a great mix of layers of smooth tropical foods grown from the ground sherry zest, thanks to the utilization of these two barrels.


Kamet From the Piccadilly refinery in Karnal, Haryana, comes the exceptional single malt whisky Kamet. It is created with 6-Column grain that is gotten from Mt. Kamet, the third-most elevated Himalayan pinnacle.

It is refined in copper pot stills and matured in one-of-a-kind ex-Sherry, ex-Wine French Oak, and ex-Whiskey American Oak barrels. It loans it a vinous flavor, essential to Ansh Khanna and Ken Frederickson when they established the organization.

With a fruity and oaky fragrance, this whisky is very smooth. Besides, there is a little raisin flavor. Long and comfortable, with a rich nutty pleasantness, the completion is. To any whisky assortment, it makes a phenomenal expansion.

McDowell’s No. 1

Most Indian Yaars incline toward McDowell’s No. 1, a remarkably smooth mix of imported Scotch, painstakingly picked Indian malts and top-rack grain spirits.

It is claimed by Joined Spirits Ltd (USL), a piece of the Diageo Gathering and perhaps India’s most notable brand. It serves more than 25 million clients and crosses the whisky, liquor, and rum areas.

A tribute to Scottish distiller Angus McDowell, who laid out McDowell and Company in India in 1898, is made in the organization’s name. In 1951, he finally offered the organization to Vittal Mallya’s UB bunch.

Solan No. 1

Both global and native refineries might be tracked down in India. The country produces 13 of the main 25 smash-hit whiskies around the world.

Solan Number One, a remarkable whisky created by Mohan Meakin’s Kasauli Brewery in Himachal Pradesh, is perhaps of the most notable whisky in India. A combination of old malt whiskies has been matured in oak wood barrels with explicitly chosen Indian grain spirits.

The organization doesn’t utilize web-based entertainment and relies upon verbal promotion to publicize its tall whisky bottles in a predetermined number of areas. While it has gotten a few distinctions, this rich, honey-toned single malt whisky is still the most well-known in India.

Black Dog

First made in Scotland in 1883, Black Dog is a mixed Scotch whisky brand that was packaged and sold in India around 1992. It sources its whiskies from a few pieces of Scotland, eminently the Speyside region.

This mix might be recognized from other Scotch whiskies by various highlights. They have a rich fragrance, a thick body, and a sweet fruitiness.

Black Dog is possibly the most generally consumed Scotch whisky in India. A sum of 25 different single malt and grain whiskies from all through Scotland is utilized in the blend.

An exceptionally famous choice for those who like to loosen up and taste a delicious refreshment. Black Dog is an extraordinary choice for people who need a lovely jug of Scotch and is besides cheap.


Pernod Ricard produces Ballentine, a Scotch whisky, in Dumbarton, Scotland. It is a blend of 50 single malt whiskies.

This whisky is fairly powerful and even. On the button, it contains a smidgen of smoke alongside vanilla and heather. On the sense of taste, it is offset and smooth with a smidgen of pleasantness.

It tastes and looks like American whiskey; however, it has some remarkable peat notices that return when ice is added.

George Ballantine, a rancher’s child, started the business in 1827. He originally settled a store in Edinburgh, then, at that point, moved it to Glasgow. A while later, he gave it to his most seasoned child Archibald, who at last took over as the organization’s central proprietor. He traded wine and spirits and had plenty of high-profile clients, including the Hindu Imperial family.

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