Vat 69 Whisky Price In Mumbai [2023 Updated List]

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Today, we’ll take a look at the “Vat 69 Whisky Price In Mumbai”. This in-depth guide will also let you know about:

The volumetric (90ml, 180ml, 375ml, 750ml, and 1Ltr Price of Vat 69 Whisky) cost of Vat 69 Whisky.

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Vat 69 Whisky Price in Mumbai

Brand + VolumeRate
Cost of (90ml) Vat 69 Whisky210₹
Cost of (180ml) Vat 69 Whisky420₹
Cost of (375ml) Vat 69 Whisky815₹
Cost of (750ml) Vat 69 Whisky1620₹
Cost of (1000ml/1Ltr) Vat 69 Whisky1910₹

Summarized Review Regarding the Vat 69 Whisky

Besides having a unique, distinctive taste of this whisky, this whisky got a lot of fame just via the styling of the bottle. As with other whisky blends, the fine blend offered by the Diageo Scottish company in this whisky brand contains Scottish Malts and Grain spirits.

Let’s look at how this whisky earned this branded name, Vat 69. William Sanderson, the owner of Diageo Ltd, invited a batch of experts to experience 100 different blends; the batch found blend 69 as the top-notch in comparison to other blends, and that’s how this whisky was named Vat 69, which was quite appealing.

This no-age-statement whisky comes in four different variants

Vat 69 Finest Scotch which contains forty percent alcoholic content in it.

Vat 69 Reserve De Luxe Scotch is the 2nd variant the Diageo company offers and contains 40% alcoholic content inside it.

The third variant comes with 12 years age statement named Glenesk Single Malt Highland Scotch.

The Antiquary de Luxe Old Scotch whisky is also 12 years old and is the last variant with 40% alcohol.

You’ll notice a mild hangover with no feeling of vomiting after cherishing this whisky.

The smooth, smoky taste of this whisky is something that admires William Sanderson introduce this as a separate brand, and that’s also the prime reason behind the success of this particular brand.

One can take it on the rocks or with other soda drinks to make it silky smooth, but it’s also up to you. You can also cherish this neat (Again, it’s up to you and your taste sense how you want to cherish this whisky).

Vat 69 is good to go whisky brand if you are a Scotch lover.

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