8pm Whisky Price in Uttar Pradesh (UP)

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Today, we’ll take a look at the “8pm Whisky Price in Uttar Pradesh (UP)”. This in-depth guide will also let you know about:

The volumetric (60ml, 90ml, 180ml, 375ml, 500ml and 750ml Price of 8pm Whisky) cost of 8pm Whisky.

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8pm Whisky

Brand + VolumeRate
Cost of (60ml) 8pm Whisky70₹
Cost of (90ml) 8pm Whisky90₹
Cost of (180ml) 8pm Whisky170₹
Cost of (375ml) 8pm Whisky350₹
Cost of (500ml) 8pm Whisky420₹
Cost of (750ml) 8pm Whisky690₹

Summarized Review Regarding the 8PM Whisky

As the name suggests, this is an excellent pre- or post-dinner whisky, but taking/cherishing it at night isn’t the hard and fast rule; one can also enjoy it in the morning or evening.

8pm, a local Indian brand produced by Radico Khaitan Ltd, earned a lot of fame within a short timeframe and broke many records, including the “Limca Book of Records 2001″ for skyrocketing selling figures within the 1st year of its launch.

Ultimate smoothness is the distinctive characteristic that sets this whisky apart from other whisky brands.

This whisky also has the honor of achieving and retaining the rankings of 11th largest-selling whisky by the Drinks International Millionaire’s Club.

No hangover at all is another characteristic of this whisky.

The whisky is also economical (Pocket-friendly) and easily affordable by the cost-sensitive consumer.

Is 8PM good alcohol?

8PM earned a lot of fame In the very fast year of its launch and was the first Indian whisky to receive the Limka of the Book award in 2001 for selling more than a million cases in just one year. According to International Millionaire's Club, 8PM is the 11th largest-selling whisky brand all over the globe.

What is the price of 8 pm whiskey in India?

The price varies state-wise; the volumetric price of 8pm whisky ranges from 40-600. But don't worry; we have mentioned the exact volumetric cost of 8PM whisky in our blog posts. Follow the link, and it will take you to our site, where you can see the volumetric price of 8PM whisky variants.

Why is it called 8PM whisky?

Alcoholic beverage consumption is found to be high at 8PM; that's why the company preferably chose this timeframe as the name of this particular whisky. 8PM is an excellent pre or post-dinner whisky.

Who is the owner of 8 pm whisky?

Dr. Lalit Khaitan (Chairman & MD) and Abhishek Khaitan (MD) are the owners of Radico Khaitan Ltd, where the manufacturing of 8 PM whisky takes place.

What percentage of alcohol is 8PM?

The Alcohol By Volume (ABV) percentage is 42.8% in this particular whisky.

Is 8PM brandy or whisky?

8PM is an economical and most selling whisky brand containing a blend of Grains and Malts.

What type of drink is 8PM?

The smoothness of this whisky is unprecedented. Doesn't give hangovers over the next morning. It's one of the most selling Indian whisky brands. 8PM is the go-to choice for most Indians

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