Royal Challenge Whisky Price in Uttar Pradesh (UP)

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Today, we’ll take a look at the “Royal Challenge Whisky Price in Uttar Pradesh (UP)”. This in-depth guide will also let you know about:

The volumetric (180ml, 375ml, 750ml and 1000ml Price of Royal Challenge Whisky) cost of Royal Challenge Whisky.

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Royal Challenge Whisky Price

Brand + VolumeRate
Cost of (180ml) Royal Challenge Whisky145₹
Cost of (375ml) Royal Challenge Whisky295₹
Cost of (750ml) Royal Challenge Whisky580₹
Cost of (1000ml/1Ltr) Royal Challenge Whisky760₹

Summarized Review Regarding the Royal Challenge Whisky

With the increase in demand for Scotch whiskies and the rise in numbers of Scotch whisky lovers, more brands started introducing Scotch whiskies; some earned a lot of fame, while some didn’t work or sell that well.

Royal Challenge is another whisky brand manufactured by United Spirits Ltd that earned a lot of fame and reputation due to its marvelous taste and silk-like smoothness.

RC is the common abbreviation used for this particular whisky.

This perfect blend was from Shaw Wallace, which the USL then acquired.

Royal Stag is another whisky brand that is competing with this particular whisky.

Royal Challenge is a go-to brand for many Scotch whisky lovers.

The hangover the next morning is the demerit of this particular whisky brand.

The unprecedented taste and unique aroma let this whisky compete with many imported whisky blends.

Heavy drinkers are in love with this particular whisky brand. You can also add plain water or mix it with other soda drinks to reduce the hardness of this whisky (Otherwise, it may hit your throat hard). Again, it’s all up to you and your choice of how you may cherish it.

How much alcohol is in Royal Challenge whiskey?

The Alcohol By Volume (ABV) percentage is 42.8%, like other whisky brands. Royal Challenge is a go-to choice for heavy drinkers.

Is Royal Challenge a good whiskey?

Royal Challenge is a good-to-go whisky but may hit the throat hard if cherished neatly. You can take it on the rocks. Overall, it’s a good economical whisky brand.

Which is better, Royal Stag or Royal Challenge?

Royal Challenge is the leading choice of most Indians in comparison to Royal Stag due to its smoothness. Both whiskies are pocket friendly and fall in the price range that is easily affordable for a cost-sensitive consumer. Royal stag gives hangovers and isn’t recommended to beginners due to its hardness, but it is the go-to choice of heavy drinkers. On the other hand, Royal Challenge is perfect for both beginners and heavy drinkers.

Is Royal Challenge a single-malt whisky?

The royal challenge is a blended whisky contain Indian Grains, and Imported Scottish Malts.

Which country brand is Royal Challenge?

Royal Challenge, an Indian whisky brand manufactured by Shaw Wallace Company and Limited (SWC), is now in the acquisition of United Spirits Limited (USL).

Is Royal Challenge an alcoholic?

The royal challenge is an alcoholic beverage with a 42.8% Alcohol By Volume (ABV) percentage.

Who founded Royal Challenge?

Royal Challenge was founded by Shaw Wallace Company, and Limited, which was an Indian liquor brand now is in the acquisition of United Spirits Limited (USL)

What is the price of Royal Challenge 500 ml?

The price varies state-wise and is in the average range of 400-700. But don’t worry; we have mentioned the exact volumetric price of Royal Challenge variants in our blog posts. Follow the link, and it will take you to our website.

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